Governance and Management Structure

Board of Director (BOD): consists of four (4) industrial and governmental representatives, three (3) members from research institutions and academic members, and two (2) representatives from communities. The Board of Directors, composed of senior representatives of organizations represented in the general membership, will be responsible for the direction and oversight of PEOPLE. (under development)

International Advisory Committee (IAC): consists of 5-7 members with global reputation and impacts from multiple disciplines such as engineering, science, medicine, and humanities related to environmental issues in general. The IAC will provide high-level advice on the strategy and direction of the growth of the Network particularly at a global scale. They will help ensure the R&D are standing in the leading edge, develop international partnerships, and create impacts worldwide in a long term. (under development)

Technical Committee (TC): consists of the Executive Director and the Theme Leaders/Co-Leaders and will be appointed by the Board of Directors. It will be responsible for the execution of collaborative and innovative R&D and training. TC will be mainly responsible for:

  • establishment and implementation of the guidelines for project development and the criteria for project/proposal evaluation;

  • development of funding structure, management and distribution (e.g., call for proposals);

  • identification of areas of focus for R&D and training;

  • policy development for research dissemination and IP framework for the network funded projects;

  • procedures for project proposal submission, evaluation and approval; 6) monitoring of network funded project implementation and evaluation of their outcomes; and

  • continuous improvement of the guideline elements to ensure the technical program is meeting the needs of the membership and the stakeholders in the relevant sectors.

(under development)

The Network Management and Administration will be mainly executed by the Executive Director (to oversee/manage the administrative functions of PEOPLE), Regional Representatives (each from Atlantic, eastern, central, and western regions representing PEOPLE regional memberships), and Network Manager/Coordinator (to provide support for and coordinate network activities and functions). These positions may be part-/full-time depending on the needs of the growing organization. The Network will be based at Memorial University with the university providing office space and operational support systems (financial, computer, administration, etc.)