PEOPLE 2023 summary, student awards, and conference photo

Celebrating a successful PEOPLE 2023 International Conference in Montreal and online – We hosted 210 presentations from diverse disciplines from 20 countries and 42 technical sessions in 21 themes. This featured 4 plenary keynotes, 1 special talk, 15 technical keynotes, 2 workshops, 160+ oral presentations, 20 poster presentations, and ~300 registrants in-person and online. Thank you to all participants! The conference would not have been successful without your participation.

Highlights of conference photos: Click Here

We are proud to announce and congratulate our student presentation winners:

Student Oral Presentation Award (in-person sessions)

  • First Prize
    • Ana Quevedo (McGill University)
      Understanding the Risks of Nanoplastics in Aquatic Species: The Role of the Eco-corona
      Ana Quevedo and Nathalie Tufenkji
  • Second Prize
    • Yirong Zhang (McGill University)
      Electrospun Cellulose Acetate/Chitosan Nanofibers: An Efficient Adsorbent Obtained from Waste Materials for Humic Acid Removal
      Yirong Zhang and Yixiang Wang
    • Zhikun Chen (Concordia University)
      An Appraisal of End-of-Life Options for Post-Consumer Asphalt Shingle Waste
      Zhikun Chen, Xuelin Tian, and Chunjiang An
  • Third Prize
    • Ryan Guild (University of Prince Edward Island)
      Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on the Endangered Piping Plover Population of Prince Edward Island
      Ryan Guild and Xander (Xiuquan) Wang
    • Min Yang (Memorial University)
      Transport of Microplastic and Dispersed Oil Co-Contaminants: Effects of Contaminant Properties and Ocean Conditions
      Min Yang, Baiyu Zhang, Kenneth Lee, and Bing Chen
    • Xuelin Tian (Concordia University)
      Achieving Net-Zero Targets through Regional Electric Bus Penetration and Energy Transition
      Xuelin Tian, E. Owen D. Waygood, Chunjiang An, Zhikun Chen, and He Peng

Student Oral Presentation Award (online sessions)

  • First Prize (tie)
    • Qiao Kang (Memorial University)
      Embedding Physics and Causal Priors into Neural Networks: Novel Techniques for Improved Interpretability and Decision-Making – A Case Study in Metformin Transport Experiment and Modeling
      Qiao Kang, Bing Chen, Xudong Ye, Baiyu Zhang, Yuanzhu Chen
    • Guihua Dong (Memorial University)
      Sulfate Radical-based Advanced Oxidation Process for Decanting Water On-site Treatment in Oil Spill Response
      Guihua Dong, Bing Chen, Stanislav Stoyanov, Baiyu Zhang

Student Poster Presentation Award

  • First Prize
    Zubi Sadiq (Concordia University)
    Plasmon-based Sensing Platforms for Colorimetric Detection of Hypochlorite (OCl¯) in Environment
    Zubi Sadiq, Sana Jahanshahi-Anbuhi

Thanks again to our sponsors:

We hope you enjoy the event and connect with people. Thanks for making your way to Montreal and joining us online to make this event a big success. We look forward to seeing you again!

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