Environmental Systems Research (ESR) is calling for submissions to the Collection on Emerging Contaminants in Environment. Deadline: June 30 2024

Emerging contaminants (ECs) are synthetic or naturally occurring chemicals or any microorganisms that are not commonly monitored in the environment but have the potential to enter the environment and cause known or suspected adverse ecological or human health effects. Various new synthetic chemicals are being added to the environment each year.

This topical collection will emphasize the breakthroughs in both fundamental and applied research, including but not limited to:
• Circulation of emerging contaminants (ECs) in the biotic and Abiotic components of the environment.
• The effects of ECs on various biological systems.
• Life cycle assessment of ECs.
• Methods of remediation of ECs including physicochemical and biological methods.
• Modelling to predict the movement of ECs in various natural environments.
• Any other related aspect of ECs, Read more: https://www.springeropen.com/collections/ECE

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